Lead Generation with SEO & Marketing Strategy

Increasing your website’s rank in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) generates leads and more website traffic and revenue. We use complementary SEO strategies to give more benefits as per your business structure.


Correct search engine optimization enlists your website on the first page of search engine results. Thus, it brings more people to your website and subsequently generates leads by letting them know what you offer. Additionally, our team optimizes your website to get users to your contact submission form with assured Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

Lead Generation with SEO & Organic Search Results

Generating leads through organic search results may be difficult, but it is a cost-effective way to scale your business in the long run. With focus and a well-researched approach, it gives your website year-over-year improvement in traffic and leads with the help of the following strategies:


Keyword Optimization

Our team uses target keywords that have high search volumes and low competition. Thus, you get keywords that are searched often and don’t have more competitor results in searches. In addition, we use keywords that easily answer the core questions of customers in search results. As a result, it leads to higher keyword rankings and a lower bounce rate.


Social Media and Blogs

We regularly add new content to your social media and blog, a great way to engage with new customers and appear in organic search results. Your website gets authority with these inbound marketing techniques. Social media content creates a community and word of mouth, while your blogs present more keyword-rich content with backlinks across your website.


We Write with Your Audience in Mind

Our team optimizes your content according to user intent and personalizes it to your customer’s needs. This way, your website organically guides people through important stages of the buyer’s journey, including searching, navigating, selecting, and purchasing. We do this by adding strong Calls To Action (CTAs) that help customers complete their purchases through referrals, online sales, or other means.


Our team at ITechSoft Technologies develops a proper understanding of your ideal customer, ensuring that the content is segmented and targeted to your customer’s needs. We do not use black hat techniques such as keyword stuffing so that search engines do not penalize your website.


Strategic Link Building

Building relationships with high-authority websites and getting inbound links to drive traffic to your website more if the websites have high domain authority. Our outreach team contacts related content creators and online influencers in your industry to publish high-quality content on third-party sites.


Among our suite of link-building services, there is a tool that allows you to use your expertise within your industry to make connections to prominent news and media outlets. Our team connects you with these outlets to create opportunities for their readers to route back to your website organically.

Lead Generation through SEO & Paid Advertising

Paid advertising allows you to pay for traffic using Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising programs offered by search engines. It lets you display ads as sponsored results on the search engine results pages. ITechSoft Technologies uses an expert PPC team with years of experience and insights into paid search trends to generate the best results using the following techniques:


Keyword Research

Like organic search results, we conduct keyword research to discover the search terms with the least competition and highest search volume. In addition, these keywords form the foundations of balanced PPC campaigns, as using them results in ads that frequently appear while minimizing costs. Monthly, We continue our research and track how each keyword performs, cut out those that fail to convert, and add new, high-revenue-generating keywords.


Better Bidding Techniques

There are various strategies to get the best conversion rates and cost per click (CPC), but identifying your ideal course of action can be difficult. However, the ITechSoft Technologies team knows everything about paid search. Therefore, our expert team recommends and implements the strategy that leads to more conversions and a high return on investment (ROI) for your business.


Locations and Methods

We analyze your content and audience to find the best websites for advertising your business. Then, our team chooses the best way to promote your business, such as a text or display advertisement.


Effective Landing Pages

We create effective landing pages with matching terms used in your PPC ads. Repeat the same language and key phrases to ensure that visitors are on the right path and you have consistent branding. In addition, it provides Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) with landing pages strategically linking to other parts of your website.

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