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Online Reputation Management Services in Ahmedabad, India

Online business reputation management is part of the marketing strategy as it builds and maintains the customers’ trust in the business. Because the internet is the marketing pillar in the current time, online reputation is equally important as the actual. Poor reviews, illegal content on hate sites, negative media coverage, and false information are some factors affecting businesses’ reputations. So, you must protect your online image from negative comments and reviews for good results.

How does Online Reputation Management (ORM) differ from SEO services?

In case you experience any online reputation-related issues, our consultants can bring your reputation on track with their expertise and techniques. Your online reputation depends on what others share about your brand or business product online. Online Reputation Management uses a combination of legal marketing, public relations, and search engine strategies to validate, defend and protect your business’s online identity and reputation.


Google uses a multi-faceted system to control which search results appear where and on which page. So, it is obvious that good quality content will rank among the top results for relevant search terms. In comparison, poor-quality or low-authority content may not rank in search engine results. ITechsoft Technologies in India helps you by working on the search results that improve the authority and search visibility of your content and support your company or brand.

Our Process

Online Reputation Analysis: Our online reputation analysis process begins by analyzing and studying the issue and its cause. That allows us to assess major online reputation problems with your brand, whether in Google’s search results, bad ratings & reviews, or harmful business listings.


Fixing in Search Results: We make sure to remove negative search results from Google, remove or resolve negative comments from search engines, and show a positive picture. It is a part of our reputation management strategy.


Custom Strategy Development: Once our online reputation experts identify the problem and its cause, they will prepare a custom reputation management strategy that is effective to clear the cause of these wrong impressions and build a positive one.


Manage Brand Searches: ITechsoft Technologies simplifies your online presence to allow your audience to see all the ‘good’ things about your business whenever they search for you on Google.


Reputation Monitoring & Reporting: Once our team implements its strategy, they monitor your brand reputation and provide useful insights. In addition, proactively monitoring your online image helps identify and remove any negative publicity earlier.


Managing Ratings and Reviews: Our team continues to work even after removing or resolving negative information from the internet. Because actively monitoring ratings and reviews about your business is also important. So we help you address the ratings & reviews by expressing gratitude for the positive ones, resolving the negative ones with proper responses, and reporting the irrelevant ones.

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